Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Press Release: Mandy Watson Becomes Mandy J Watson

In case you are wondering, yes - I did have to send this to a PR Peep today; one with whom I have conversed for years. I have made it public so that I can just point other PR Peeps to it in future and so that I may kick off what is likely to be a lot of new posts regarding my ongoing PR nightmare. I cannot remain silent anymore. I only have so much fortitude and can only endure so much silent pain. [ Case in point ]

Dear: [insert your name here if you are a PR Peep]

Mandy Watson (1987) becomes Mandy J Watson (to infinity and beyond).

Please find enclosed a release further expanding on the name change.

For further information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,



For Immediate Release

Mandy Watson Becomes Mandy J Watson

2 February 2010, Cape Town -- Mandy Watson, the world's second-hottest[1] tech-culture journalist, underwent a personal-brand reinvention in 1987 during a music-theory exam, and from thenceforth wished only to be known as "Mandy J Watson".

According to Mandy J Watson, CEO of the Mandy J Watson brand, the name change signified Mandy J Watson's transition from a nondescript entity to a future Google-search-dominating brand, which continues to operate the same way as before, with the same structure in place, bar many more grey hairs.

"The name reflects my continuing personal-brand strategy, begun at an early age when I realised I was cool, but could be cooler, and what better way to differentiate myself from other Mandy Watsons yet to be discovered but subsequently discovered than by inserting a J in the middle of my branding for more differentiating branding effect," says Mandy J Watson.

"I will continue to offer the same level of ultra-weird-awesome-nifty-cool journalism as I was likely to be offering before I even knew I was going to be offering it, because that is the way of The Force. And futurism," says Mandy J Watson.

Mandy J Watson is the world's second-hottest[1] tech-culture journalist, with regular contributions being contributed to COSMO SA[2] and book.co.za[2]. She is also the founder and co-editor of brainwavez.org, a culture and technology site with reviews of related products that are of interest to geeks and other discerning members of the digital-culture generation.


[1] Certain press releases may contain forward-looking statements and should not be taken as fact until we are forwards.

[2] Mention of these entities does not necessarily endorse these brands endorsing the "Mandy J Watson" brand, except they do as it is in print[3]. Or pixels in the case of book.co.za, but that is technically beyond the scope of this press release.

[3] And has been for years, in at least one case.

Issued By:
Mandy J Watson

On Behalf Of:
Mandy J Watson

Mandy J Watson
Writer | Copy Editor | Founder Of brainwavez.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/mandyjwatson

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You rock!

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