Thursday, February 11, 2010

Press Release: Where In The World Is Mandy J Watson? (It's Probably Not Where You Think)

The madness continues. PR Peeps frequently send review products for me to the wrong address (sometimes, even, the wrong city, but thankfully that doesn't happen too often).

Dear: [insert your name here if you are a PR Peep]

Where In The World Is Mandy J Watson?

Please find enclosed a release expanding on Mandy J Watson's ability not to be where you incorrectly have assumed she is.

For further information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,



For Immediate Release

Where In The World Is Mandy J Watson? (It's Probably Not Where You Think)

11 February 2010, Cape Town -- Mandy J Watson, the world's most frustrated[1] tech-culture journalist, is on the move (though not right now)!

As a freelancer, she has many jobs, big and small, and works at many places, though not always at once, but sometimes also all at once, because she knows how to multitask[2].

"Over the years many publications have been very good to me, offering me money and a desk - sometimes even with a computer on it - in return for my journalism services. But because I am a freelancer, I cannot be contained, so I am like a nomad in the wind of the desert of technology, flitting to-and-fro with sand in my eye, creating tears of frustration when my deliveries don't reach me," says Mandy J Watson.

In fact, a startling fact of Many J Watson's nomadic lifestyle is that crucial technological doobiedabs, sent to her for important tech-journalism testing via courier, post, or pigeon, often do not reach her in a timely manner because the PR Peeps sending the doobiedabs to her manifest the wrong delivery address, and it causes untimely delays and sadness.

"Really, the best thing one can do to ascertain my whereabouts ahead of time is to use a revolutionary app I developed a while back while Al Gore[3] was inventing the Internet. I call it email, and it has magical properties. It can find me where ever I am, and I am able to communicate to the whole world using it, and vice versa[4]," says Mandy J Watson.

"In five minutes, PR Peeps can ascertain that I am not where they think I am, and with my help I can correct their misinformation, like a Carte Blanche journalist on the trail of the head of a municipal department who has secretly been running a Hooters in an abandoned governmental building. I want to emphasise this," says Mandy J Watson.

The result, Mandy J Watson believes, will be better communication between all parties concerned and the possibility that she may receive her doobiedabs before they become outdated technology, as Moore's Law is still in operation and is being enforced, even in South Africa where no one adheres to any laws.

Mandy J Watson is the world's most frustrated[1] tech-culture journalist, with regular contributions being contributed to COSMO SA[6] and[7]. She is also the founder and co-editor of, a culture and technology site with reviews of related products that are of interest to geeks and other discerning members of the digital-culture generation.


[1] It builds up over many years and eventually it cannot be contained. The result is personal press releases.

[2] Or at least appear to multitask, as we all know the concept of multitasking is a marketing ploy ployed by marketers to sell you computer things and is actually physically impossible!

[3] You may have read this Snopes article[5] disputing Al Gore's involvement but Mandy J Watson, the world's most frustrated[1] tech-culture journalist, assures you that it isn't true.

[4] The ability to contact Mandy J Watson may not be available in all markets. Please contact Mandy J Watson to ascertain whether the facility will be available to you.


[6] [7] Please refer to the previous press release for pertinent information pertaining to COSMO SA and By law, by reading this text, you acknowledge that you have read the previous text.

Issued By:
Mandy J Watson

On Behalf Of:
Mandy J Watson

Mandy J Watson
Writer | Copy Editor | Founder Of

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