Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It Requires A DVD Store To Turn Me Into A Shopaholic

One of my goals while on my trip overseas was to go to an HMV, since we have nothing like it in South Africa, and I have have been compiling a mental list for years of things (mainly DVDs) to get when I eventually find one. During the course of my stay in London I drifted into three different stores (which is not too hard since they are practically on every corner) and bought a stack of stuff – so much so that I had to post most of the items to myself as I had no room in my suitcase for everything. I didn't even manage to buy everything I wanted, but there came a point at which I realised I had to stop as I had already spent a few thousand rands on boxed sets, rare DVDs that I can't find here, and DVDs on my "general" list that were on sale at HMV. (Although the funny thing is that it still worked out cheaper to buy these items overseas – and post them to myself – than to buy the items that are available in South Africa here and pay our rather inflated retail prices.)

I had been feeling a little shopaholic about all of this, as it is very against my character to shop so much, until a few minutes ago when my boss drifted into our office and said: "Did you hear about what happened to me this morning? I went to Tafelberg [Furnishers] to buy a vacuum cleaner and I ended up buying a dining-room suite instead."


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