Sunday, May 08, 2005

I Still Remember Riptide

I'm driving home with a few family members and the TV show Riptide is mentioned briefly (don't even ask me how or why...). My aunt mentions Joe Penny, but then can't remember the name of the other guy. There is silence in the car as everyone tries to figure this out. I know it's filed in my mental database somewhere – I can even see him in the episode of Will & Grace in which he guest stars as Jack's "father". Eventually my brain hauls out "Perry", but then seizes. For five minutes I sit in the car trying desperately to get the nugget of information out of my brain, as it becomes one of those things that just remains stuck in your head until you either figure it out or it is replaced by some annoying lyrics to a song.

Eventually I remember.

Me: "Perry King!"
M: "Right. I knew it was 'King', but I kept thinking of 'Stephen King'."
Me: "Yeah. I knew it was 'Perry', but kept getting stuck on 'Perry Mason'."


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