Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rent, Artscape, Cape Town, Until Sunday

The musical Rent, with a South African cast, has been playing at Artscape in Cape Town and runs until Sunday.

As I arrived there was the usual announcement requesting that the audience switch off phones and not take photographs during the performance, so I decided that before the performance, therefore, doesn't technically count, and took a shot (or two).

From the (brief) research I have conducted it seems that the show has received mixed reactions but I thoroughly enjoyed it. While a number of cast "American" accents wobbled around local and international twangs (some unidentifiable) and certain casting choices left me bemused (or frustrated, depending on the moment), stand-out performances by Zane Gillion as Angel [video] and Sivan Raphaely as Maureen [video], as well as an excellent supporting cast, made the show and were worth the ongoing fears for my life (I got lost in the underground parking-lot maze in the middle of the night and was also nearly blown over the mountain by the gale-force winds on the foreshore).

Extra Flickr Photo: [1]

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