Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts On Colour Coordination

(It's Harder Than You Might Think)

I'm wearing colours that match today.
You might be impressed.
Or, at least, not nauseated.

It happened by accident last week.
I grabbed a bunch of clothes.
And then realised they didn't clash.

Even my bangle matches my outfit.
It's red and black and white, and made of recycled plastic,
so, technically, it's green.

Today I'm attending a press function.
It's for Microsoft.
I'm wearing the corporate colours.


Well, red for Microsoft. (By accident.)
The grey's for me.
I'm in my matching outfit to look nice(r(ish)).

I wonder if Microsoft will give me an award.
Not for my outfit,
but for showing up.

I can't attend the P!nk concert today
because I'll be at the Microsoft function, wearing red.
It's probably just as well, because pink would clash.

I don't even like pink.
Apparently, neither does P!nk.
But she, at least, will be at her concert.

I won't.

Crap! It's nearly 3 o' clock.
Where did the day go? Wait. I know.
I was writing my poem.



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