Friday, June 29, 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007: Cape Town

Free Comic Book Day 2007: Cape Town

Free Comic Book Day was held around the world on 5 May this year.

In Cape Town there are only two comic stores left - Reader's Den and Outer Limits. As Reader's Den is closer to my house I went to the celebrations there.

I had originally been working on a whole long blog post about it, but I never got around to finishing it and it is now already two months later, so I'm stopping this section of my ongoing writer's block disaster in its tracks and am choosing just to post the image above. It pretty much sums up the day, anyway. (In all the right ways*.)

(In case you're wondering, the day was a great success in Cape Town, and I can't wait until next year.)

*I really am trying very hard not to make a "buns of steel" joke, especially since there was no one in a Superman costume and it would therefore immediately offend all geeks ever.

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