Monday, March 09, 2009

Nominations For 2009 South African Blog Awards Are Open

It's time for the 2009 South African Blog Awards. I'd love to win at least once in my lifetime (I, too, have big, big dreams) so I've assembled some suggestions (of stuff I've written, I mean). I haven't, however, made the "handy" blog widget that you can configure on the awards site because it automatically generates nominations. This is quite irritating if you just want to click through to the site because you want to check it out but haven't made up your mind yet.

Instead, I've listed the categories for which I feel I might be suitable and the appropriate URLs for them. Feel free to click through to check out any of them if you are suspicious, otherwise you can just cut and paste into the nomination form as is (the form is evil and complains if you include the "http://" bit). I appreciate your support!

(By the way, after you nominate on the site you will receive an email with a confirmation link that you have to click otherwise your nominations are not recorded. Please look out for it.)

* South African Blog of the Year
* Best Entertainment Blog
* Most Humorous South African Blog
* Best Original Writing on a South African Blog
* Best Photographic Blog

( is half South African so I don't know if it counts but I've decided that it does)

* South African Blog of the Year
* Best Entertainment Blog
* Best Original Writing on a South African Blog

Nominate the following:
(These are four of my favourites but you are welcome to nominate anything I've written on my blog or for during 2008.)

* Best Post on a South African Blog

The Anti-Connoisseur's Guide To A Walk In The African Bush:

A Cultural Expedition To A Nearby Mall To Snap Photos Of Models In Swimwear:

Cape Town GeekDinner Report: Happy Habanero:

Rigoletto, Joseph Stone Auditorium, Athlone, Cape Town, Until Tomorrow

Finally, if you're looking for other blogs to nominate, I would like to recommend Cape Town Daily Photo by Paul and Kerry-Anne Gilowey, The Other Side Of The Mountain by kyknoord, Jonathan Hitchcock's blog, and Alison Westwood's Getaway blog.



Blogger kyknoord said...

Ja, but here's the thing: most people prefer the pre-populated list, because it's, like, y'know, one less thing to agonise over.
I'm just sayin'

Monday, March 09, 2009 6:08:00 PM  
Blogger Mandy J Watson said...

Well, there was some bitching on Twitter about prepopulation (you wouldn't know about that :), and personally I hate it too. I like to think that my five readers are discerning enough to want to make the choice themselves, rather than have it foisted upon them.

Incidentally, what are you trying to say about that graph there? That I'm consistent? Or that I'm blue?

I like to think that I'm both.

Monday, March 09, 2009 6:17:00 PM  

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