Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Truth Coffee, Cape Town

Truth Coffee, Cape Town by Mandy J Watson

I've mentioned Truth.coffeecult (everyone calls it Truth Coffee though) a few times in my Twitter stream and deservedly so - it serves arguably the best coffee in Cape Town brewed by expert baristas and offers free Wi-Fi to its customers (only a handful of establishments in this city do).

As I type this I am actually sitting at Truth at its launch function, so I guess this is a live blog of sorts. Truth is owned by journalist and "coffee evangelist" David Donde, who is, truly, passionate about coffee. I've known him for a few years and he has taught me an immense amount about coffee (and I'm still learning), which makes me appreciate the skill with which the baristas at Truth work their magic even more, and, consequently, has made me realise how badly coffee is made at most restaurants.

Truth is situated in Prestwich Memorial on the corner of Somerset and Buitengracht (there's a map on the web site) and is open from about 8am Monday to Saturday, closing just before 6pm on week days and just after 12 on Saturdays). It serves light snacks (the veggie wraps are really good) and is a great place to go to if you need to get a bit of nomadic work done in a serene setting. You can also buy special blends if you are a coffee evangelist yourself and would like to brew your own at home. There's parking available at the church off Waterkant Street and in Somerset Road outside the memorial.

Find Out More:
• Truth Coffee
• @TRUTHcoffee

Truth Coffee, Cape Town by Mandy J Watson

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