Friday, April 21, 2006

Your Friday Night Traffic Report

I'm writing this at 6pm on Friday night. Half the staff at the office, who usually ditch work as early as they possible can, especially on a Friday, are still at the office, because we are all trapped in the building!

Ok, I admit that it's not actually as dramatic as all of that, but the situation is as follows: it rained today in Cape Town (first major rain of the autumn/winter season), so everyone everywhere ever came to work in their cars. Then everyone everywhere ever tried to leave work in their cars, all at the same time, it seems, and the result was massive gridlock throughout the city (and something for me to look at besides the depressing rain, since I can't see the mountain, which usually cheers me up). Apparently there's been a lot of flooding in various places in the suburbs and some of the roads leading off the (few) arterial roads that lead from the city, which is making it difficult for the traffic to move anywhere.

In the distance, in the photo below, you can see the Heerengracht Fountain. It was recently cleaned, at least, so the people stuck in the traffic nearby will have something refreshing to gaze at while they wile away their existence and hoot at their new-found traffic enemies (a common Cape Town pastime...that and flipping off their new-found traffic enemies).

In case you're wondering, they still haven't cleaned the office windows (I believe it's now on 18 months and counting), and these photos were taken with a phone camera...and it was raining, and it was getting dark outside.

Therefore the traffic report is as follows: if you're in the traffic, you're stuck. If you're in your office, you're stuck (but at least you can surf the web and post to your blog, like I am doing right now).


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