Thursday, June 08, 2006

[An Announcement From The Blog Management]

I came to post earlier and Blogger was down. (That wasn't the announcement. It was just annoying.)

Then I could log in, but when I tried to post, Blogger had gone down again. (That wasn't the announcement either, but it was even more annoying.)

I'm currently on vacation and, after some indecisiveness, I've decided to post a half-blog-half-travelogue thing on my blog as I go along. It will ultimately form the basis of a more extensive travelogue that I intend to write for, once I'm back home, have developed the photographs, and have the time to do more research (and can upload to my site, but that's another story). It will also give me a chance to get some of my notes typed up, and allow my friends to keep track of what I'm doing without me having to email them all the time, while trying to keep track of what I've said to whom.

As I'm already a few days into my vacation, and have limited time in which to post, I will have to do it in bursts, but I will be backdating the posts so that they will be filed under the correct date, so you may find that a few things will appear in odd places. If you are signed up for the RSS feed, though, you'll receive automatic notification of when things are posted, so you won't miss anything. (If you're not signed up to the feed, click the RSS logo in your address bar - if you have an RSS reader or your browser supports it. It makes life much easier.)



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