Friday, June 19, 2009

Cape Town Daily Photo

Cape Town Daily Photo is one of my favourite blogs. As the name implies, it is a daily blog that was started a few years ago by husband-and-wife team Paul and Kerry-Anne Gilowey. Every day they post a photo taken in or near Cape Town and write a bit about the photo or the circumstance in which they found themselves that led to them being at that particular place or event. It's a wonderful snapshot of what daily life is like in our city and it does in pictures what I (occasionally) try to do in words with this blog of mine.

The Giloweys, who are soccer mad, are now in Bloemfontein, a city in the Free State province, far away from Cape Town, chasing the Confed Cup. (And you can read about how that nearly didn't come about in yesterday's Cape Town Daily Photo post!) The distance, of course, presented a little problem, as how do you run a daily photo blog when you're not in the city to take photos (especially since they have a little rule that they don't post photos that are more than a week old, to ensure that everything that is uploaded is always very fresh)?

The answer was to ask a few friends for help, so a couple of weeks ago Paul approached me and we had a look at my schedule (which has been ridiculous, as anyone following me on Twitter will know) and worked out some days and potential events I was expecting to attend or circumstances that I would be in that might lend themselves to good photographs. (Paul and Kerry-Anne will still be writing the text - they just need help with visuals.)

We're now one day in and already half the original (now secret!) plans are out the window but we're on to new plans. So check out the site, and some of uploads, starting today, by Special Guest Star Mandy J Watson! I'm very excited as even I don't know what's going up when or who else may be guest starring.

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