Tuesday, November 09, 2010

#NaNoPoMo 09: Presence

NaNoPoMo 09: Presence

If the word "gises" existed this would have been perfect. (I have a "rise" magnet.)

I'm slowly back posting some entries. I was waylaid by meetings and press functions and work so I couldn't get to this. It usually takes about an hour to arrange one because of a lack of words I want to use, as well as a lack of tenses normally used by human beings and a deluge of words people don't use in poetry unless they're mad*.

Sample: ...um, actually, nevermind. I just went to have a look and I think I may have been taking some of them too literally. If you shove "heart" next to most of them they make sense.

Onwards, then... (though I only have one "heart" tile).

*So, yes, I shall be attempting some attempts.



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