Monday, August 15, 2005

Pleasant Reading For A Monday

This morning's Cape Times ran a story about a man who found a foot at Milnerton Lagoon (north of Cape Town) over the weekend. I couldn't help giggling at the story (it might be due to the influence of the evil flu germs that currently have almost total reign) partly because the police response was to "open a dossier". In an ideal world there would be enough money for the police to have developed a DNA database, like cop shows on TV always have, into which they could quickly input the relevant data and obtain a match. Meanwhile, everyone's debating whether the foot was the result of a shark attack or recent Salt River mortuary "incidents" in which a foot was sawn off a corpse and went missing, body parts have gone missing from other corpses, and allegations of necrophilia are making the rounds.

The story became more ludicrous when this article was posted (from the Cape Argus), complete with a rather grotesque photograph (you've been warned).

This sounds like something out of a bad horror movie but it is hot news in Cape Town right now and, embarrassingly, it's so utterly absurd that it makes me laugh.



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