Friday, February 20, 2009

"52" With Stuart Lightbody

Last week local sleight-of-hand artist Stuart Lightbody presented a series of shows at The Intimate Theatre in Cape Town in a second run of his sell-out show (it was previously held at the Kalk Bay Theatre last year). Stuart's forte is cards, hence the title, and he mesmerised audiences with his skillful manipulations. He found cards while blindfolded that audience members had previously chosen at random, he caused cards to disappear and reappear, and he demonstrated card-cheating techniques that would give any poker player playing against him great pause for thought and possibly some subsequent sleepless nights.

All the while Stuart's amiable nature kept the audience members at ease and enabled them to enjoy the show rather than worry that they might be picked for some sort of ridiculous, embarrassing effect, as is often the case with some performers whose more showy, upstaging natures override any technical ability they may have, leaving the audience members squirming in their seats and frantically attempting to activate invisibility shields so as not to stand out and potentially be chosen to participate. In Stuart's case, participation is half the fun.

Close-up magic demands an intimate setting and now that the very atmospheric Kalk Bay Theatre is struggling and only open for certain runs The Intimate Theatre is probably the best venue for a show such as this. Members of the audience were close to the action at all times and sections of the performance that required the use of a table were projected onto a screen so that everyone could have a clear view of what was happening.

Judging by the audience's reactions Stuart is sure to become a crowd favourite in Cape Town and I urge you to keep an eye open for announcements of upcoming shows.

52 With Stuart Lightbody

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Friday, February 06, 2009

The Man In The Bright-Orange Bio-Hazard Suit

I was walking up Government Avenue.

He was walking down.

I gave him a squiff [*] "why are you wearing a bright-orange hazmat suit and carrying a badly sealed cooler box outside parliament?" look.

He gave me a "why are you looking at me squiff [*] just because I'm wearing a bright-orange hazmat suit and carrying a badly sealed cooler box outside parliament?" look back.

I eyed the red tape haphazardly wrapped around the top of the box. I eyed the biohazard icon on the front of his suit's left shoulder. I eyed the suit into which the man seemed to be sealed.

We passed.

I turned, took a photo, wondered if I was about to die, wondered if there was a human organ in the cooler box and someone else was about to die, and then continued walking to lunch.

If this is my last blog post, you know what happened next.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ice In The Aircon

Above: Ice in the aircon.

This is about as close as Cape Town will be coming to Europe's current snowfall - ice in the aircon.

Out here, we're having a beautiful summer. Come visit!

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