Friday, May 25, 2007

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Wale Street, Cape Town, At Dusk

Wale Street, Cape Town

Yesterday evening I was crossing Wale Street opposite St. George's Cathedral and noticed that they have just retarred the road. I took a moment - as one should - to let the 12-year-old in me out and spent about 30 seconds stomping around on the new tar with great joy (who knows what people thought, but who cares), while there was no fear of me being driven over by a large truck, since the road was cordoned off to let the tar dry out properly.

I then happened to look up the road towards Signal Hill, and saw the view. The sun had set a few minutes before, the lights had come on, and it was getting dark, but it wasn't quite there yet. It was one of those moments. I grabbed my camera, and took this shot.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Bad Poetry: Sunday Haiku

For those of you on my blog feeds and whatnot I'm actually back posting this to this date because I was in two minds as to whether I should be spewing forth bad poetry into the ether in any kind of mass manner so I ended up never posting this. (Plus it is rather awful and critical and I'm trying not to be that, but I really felt this in the moment.)

But, more recently, the bad poetry and lyrics keep coming at the oddest moments (it's a result of personal turmoil and life transitions, and my inability, at the moment, to write well, bar the odd brief spurt, or compose decent music, both of which usually keep me sane and have previously been my creative outlets) and it all makes me laugh, anyway. So join in. If I can't write about Cape Town I may as well write about angst. And if I feel bad about it later I can just delete it.

Sunday Haiku From A Moment In The Suburbs
Overweight white guy
Sitting topless in the sun
Please put a shirt on


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