Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Among other things (...many other things...) I had intended to finish my #NaNoPoMo posts this week - I didn't quite manage to do it in November because I started running out of ideas due to the limitations of the set of words and each poem took, on average, an hour, and when you have end-of-year work breathing down your neck and constant drama in your email it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time until that one precious week in December when everyone goes away (virtually).

Unfortunately, it's turned out to be one of the worst weeks of the year, including, among other punches in the gut, the death of a friend, and those things always send me into quite the complicated contemplative spiral, which resulted in me completely losing interest in doing anything I'd planned to do. (It might also have been the relief at having one whole week of quiet, in which almost no one is making demands of me, so my natural inclination is to respond by doing nothing. And once you're stuck in inertia... well....)

So I will get back to everything, hopefully soon, but definitely eventually.

Meanwhile, happy new year! May the best of this year (and at least there were some highlights) be the worst of next year. Be safe.



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