Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 COSMO Sexiest SA Men Calendar Event

Above: Valentin Mwaka removes his Diesel shirt for the crowd.

Last night the 2009 COSMO Sexiest SA Men Calendar event was held in Cape Town, which was quite a bonus for us as it's been held in Johannesburg for the past few years. The venue was Cappello, a restaurant in the city centre.

Above: Hosts Janez Vermeiren and Jeannie D.

Nine of the guys that feature on the 2009 calendar arrived in a Hummer limousine and walked the red carpet in tuxedoes, where they were interviewed by popular DJ and presenter Jeannie D. The event was also hosted by last year's Calendar winner, Janez Vermeiren.

Above: Some of the men on the catwalk - Paul Wilson, Dene Botha, presenter Janez Vermeiren, Vincent Ntunja, Paul Rothmann, Gerhard Zandberg, Joshua Nicol, and Dieter Voigt.

We were introduced to:
• Paul Wilson (January), drummer for Southern Gypsey Queen
• Dene Botha (March), surfing coach
• Gerhard Zandberg (April), swimmer
• Vincent Ntunja (May), basketball payer
• Paul Sale (July), international model
• Valentin Mwaka (August), actor
• Dieter Voigt (October), presenter
• Joshua Nicol (November), model
• Paul Rothmann (December), presenter
via a short video profile, a live interview, and then a further assortment of suited and topless parading. Some of them were very shy, which was quite endearing, but it also meant that they disappeared off the (unfortunately very short) runway as fast as they could, which made it even harder to photograph them.

At the end of the evening the COSMO Sexiest SA Man winner, voted for by COSMO readers via SMS over the past month, was announced, and the award went to Paul Rothmann.

There's not much else to say* - nothing untoward happened and the venue was rather small (and there was no lift) so I couldn't get many decent photographs.

*Except I've obviously been having fun with the Orton Effect....

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